Room for Rent - Clinical Psychologist

The doctor’s team at Craigmore Family Practice are keen on extending and providing further services to benefit patient care. Currently we are a 10 GP practice with over 3000 patients being seen a week at the clinic and have extensive need for Psychology services in house.

We are currently looking for a registered clinical psychologist to join our Allied services. Ideally you will have experience with a broad range of conditions including addictions, behavioural concerns, anxiety, grief and loss, stress and trauma.

Our team is particularly interested in building relationships with our associated specialists and are willing to phase this in on a sessional basis. We believe that there is the possibility of creating a synergistic and long standing partnership with a psychologist to which can be synergistic from both a patient care and business perspective.

The rooms at the clinic are being offered at a suitable hourly rate or a total percentage of billings with or without mutually agreed administrative support. Given the large number of patients that attend the clinic, there is extensive demand for someone of your expertise to come and both build relationships with our team and be in partnership with us.

If you are interested in becoming part of our enthusiastic and high quality clinical care practice, please contact  our Practice Manager, Fiona Guerrera for further details on 08 8255 1999 or email