Home Medication Reviews are available to assist those who may have difficulty understanding their medications and wish to seek further clarification.

It is a clinical review of your medications to maximise effectiveness and minimise adverse effects. An accredited Pharmacist will come to your home and talk to you regarding  the usage and storage of your medication and provide a personalised medication plan. The Pharmacist can also show you how to use and look after any medical devices you may use such as inhalers, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors.

The Pharmacist will write a report and send it to your GP, who will discuss it with you and then give you a medication medicine plan.

You may be eligible for a Home Medication Review if:
– You take more than five medications.
– You have been discharged from hospital in the past 12-months.
– You have multiple medical conditions.

This is a collaborative service provided by Craigmore Family Practice where we work closely with a Pharmacist to ensure your medications are working safely for you. Speak to one of our GP’s or Nurses to enquire about a Home Medication Review